Joint Colloquium in Bioethics


James A. Shannon Building, National Institutes of HealthThe Kennedy Institute is one of four co-sponsors of the Joint Colloquium in Bioethics, a topical seminar that meets 4-5 times each semester at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD to discuss the work of distinguished visiting speakers.

Each meeting includes a two-hour discussion of the visiting scholar's work (circulated ahead of time), followed by an informal dinner on-site.

Discussion is friendly but quite lively as a diversity of perspectives are represented.

The seminars are attended by a small and select group of faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral candidates from the following member institutions:

Department of Bioethics, NIH Clinical Center

Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University

Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland

Department of Philosophy, The George Washington University

Persons affiliated with Georgetown University may contact Matt Burstein for more information. All other inquiries may be sent to Becky Chen at bchen1 "at" cc "dot" nih "dot" gov.

Spring 2014 Session

January 21, 2014 Betty Jo Salmeron, MD ?Neurobiology of addiction and its relevance to personal responsibility

February 4, 2014 David Goldman, MD NIAAA

How the genome and gene interactions affect behavior and relate to free will

March 4, 2014 James Blair, MD NIMH Neuroscience of psychopathy and its implications for moral psychology and/or ethics

April 15, 2014 Will Carpenter, MD Maryland Psychiatric Research Center Psychiatric nosology and attendant social and ethical issues, especially concerning early identification of mental illness

Fall 2013 Session

September 17 - Jeff McMahan, Rutgers

October 22 - Liz Harman, Princeton

November 5 - Julian Savulescu, Oxford

December 3 - David Wasserman, NIH

December 17 - David DeGrazia, NIH and George Washington

Spring 2013 Session: Complicity

Tuesday, February 12
Maggie Little, PhD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Georgetown University

Tuesday, March 12
Tracy Isaacs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of Western Ontario

Tuesday, March 26
Christopher Kutz, J.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Law
School of Law
University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday, April 9
Tommie Shelby, Ph.D.
Departments of African and African American Studies and Philosophy
Harvard University

Tuesday, April 30
Eric Beerbohm, Ph.D.
Frederick S. Danzinger Associate Professor of Government
Department of Government
Harvard University

Tuesday, May 14
Larry May, J.D., Ph.D.
W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law and Political Science
Law School
Vanderbilt University