Claire Lademacher, Ph.D. Candidate

Claire LademacherClaire Lademacher's academic progression in the field of bioethics has been far from conventional. Her decision to pursue a career in academic bioethics came while working at Condé Nast Publications in Munich, Germany.

Claire completed her graduate degree in bioethics against the backdrop of Rome, Italy, at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum, where she is now a doctoral candidate. It was during this period that she was exposed to the world of organ donation and an interest was sparked. Taken aback by the stories of the lives affected by the agonizing wait for a donor organ, what began as a casual inquiry quickly turned into a fascination.

The temptation to pursue her doctorate was propelled by the very essence of the subject; the substance of life, morality, religion, law, and medicine. Her dissertation specializes in the bioethical evaluation of consent for organ donation with particular reference to Germany, Austria, and the United States.

Coming to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown as a visiting researcher has been an honor for her, especially the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Robert Veatch. "The beautiful campus, the comprehensive library, the exchange with other visiting researchers and students of Georgetown, has made my stay such gratifying and memorable experience. As for the staff, their warmth and friendliness has been a highlight."