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Ethics: Bioethics with Paddy McShane (Summer 2011)

Have you ever thought about what actions you would want to be taken for your health if you were unable to make decisions for yourself? Are there any actions you know you would *not* want to be taken? This summer Georgetown undergraduates were asked to think about these issues as they practiced writing living wills in an introductory bioethics course taught by KIE Graduate Fellow Paddy McShane. Sophomore Maggie Cleary said she "had a great time in the course as a whole. There was never a day when class wasn't mentally stimulating, and [she] looked forward to going to class every day." The course addressed a range of real-life issues, including genetic enhancement, reproductive technology, abortion, end of life care, physician-assisted suicide, and distribution of health care resources. The class watched movies such as My Sister's Keeper and Please Let Me Die, and honed critical thinking and argumentative skills while writing papers. However, the best part of the course, said Maggie, was the class discussions. "Paddy constantly tried to challenge our ideas. It was hilarious how she would concoct these situations to test our thinking and our immediate response to a particular situation . . . I think it made everyone think twice about their original reaction."

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Writing Samples

Every year, hundreds of Georgetown undergraduates take courses in bioethics that hone their writing, research, and critical thinking skills. Below are a few samples of student work that demonstrate the sort of integrative thinking and writing that is the hallmark of the study of bioethics.