America’s Deadly Opioid Epidemic: Is There a Path Forward? Travis Rieder speaks at NIH

Join us at the NIH for a presentation by former KIE alum Travis Rieder. His talk, "America’s Deadly Opioid Epidemic: Is There a Path Forward?" concerns the Opioid Dilemma: how do we prevent the predictable harms of widespread opioid prescribing without harming pain patients?

Bioethics Courses

Explore this year’s bioethics courses. (All of these count towards the Bioethics Minor; all are for Fall 2019. Please note that some additional courses may be added to this list, so please check back!) Fall 2019 Courses Selected for the Philosophy and Bioethics Minor Courses in the Department of Philosophy PHIL 105-01: Bioethics · August Gorman PHIL […]

Formal Documentation

Learning from our learners. In addition to pre- and post-course surveys of our entire global classroom, the KIE made use of relationships with three learning groups a bit closer to home to conduct more extensive qualitative surveys: a group of older learners in Florida, most of whom were taking a MOOC for the first time; […]

KIE alum speaks out against overpopulation

KIE graduate Travis Rieder is interviewed in a recent episode of the “Conversation Earth” podcast, where he shares arguments and reflections from his body of work on overpopulation and climate change.

Hybrid 105

Hybrid 105: A classroom designed for maximal interaction. The “flipped classroom” model has taken the world of educational design by storm over the past decade. Educators from elementary to graduate school have been experimenting with inverting their standard pedagogical model, moving “homework” into the classroom and “instruction” outside it. On the college level, this typically […]

Featured class: Bioethics, flipped

In Travis Rieder’s “hybrid” Introduction to Bioethics, students access lecture content from the KIE’s MOOC online, and save class time for interactive discussion and personal mentorship.