Mar 2018

Chicago, Ill.: ALL DAY

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics International Conference

Join us at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics' annual international conference. We will be presenting a pedagogical demonstration titled "Empathy Mapping: Using Design to Develop Creative Pathways for Moral Education." The demo will be held Friday March 2, from 1:30-2:30 in Salon 2. Details below:

This demonstration session introduces attendees to the use of design-inspired teaching tools for advancing student development of intellectual and moral virtues in ethics education. Attendees will participate in a novel, interactive pedagogical tool that we at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics’ Ethics Lab have developed called “Empathy Mapping for Moral Imagination.” The adaptability of this learning activity permits its use with fieldspecific prompts and case studies to expose and explore the ethical issues and concerns central to various specialties. Our approach supplements traditional ethics education and helps infuse ethical reflection into classes, like the sciences, that generally may not incorporate explicit discussions of ethical issues.

We use design methodology combined with ethical theory to help students externalize individual thought processes, visualize complex moral situations, and work collaboratively to develop the knowledge and virtues necessary to make progress and take action on substantive moral problems. Empathy Mapping encourages the development of a human-centered approach to complex moral problems. It helps both novice students and working professionals gain increased ability to see issues from other people’s perspective. With facilitated discussion, it also strengthens moral discernment as students learn to identify moral issues.

Prefaced by a description of methodology and context, we move to active involvement of attendees in a climate change-focused empathy mapping exercise, progress through post-activity discussion of issues raised, and conclude with a facilitated curriculum planning activity enabling individual educators to identify and share specific applications and adaptations of the exercise they see to address challenging topics in humanities, science, and social science education.