Apr 2018

Healey Family Student Center (Great Room): ALL DAY

Bioethics Research Showcase

The Bioethics Research Showcase at Georgetown University is a juried exhibition of student work in a variety of categories and disciplines, situated at the intersection of the many topics in the ethics of health, the environment, and emerging technologies that comprise the field of bioethics. Work will be displayed in the Healey Family Student Center (Great Room), with an awards ceremony on the evening of the 10th and a stage performance on the evening of the 11th. Cash prizes will be awarded for outstanding work, and all submissions will be published online in our public gallery. Additional details on the event can be found here.

The event includes a one-night only performance of Derangements: Putting the Unthinkable on Stage, a series of short plays and performances inspired by our changing climate. It will be a powerful, eclectic, timely, humorous, and provocative evening that engages political, philosophical, humanitarian, and scientific issues surrounding the global climate change crisis. Curated and created by faculty and students from Georgetown's Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, these performances are drawn from a selection of sources including plays that are part of the Climate Change Theater Action project and original student creations. The performance is directed by Professor Derek Goldman, Ph.D.