Feb 2018

New North 204, Georgetown University: 10am–5pm

How Should We Eat? A one-day symposium on eating in the Anthropocene

How should we eat? A one-day symposium on eating in the Anthropocene, is part of the Mellon Sawyer Seminar, which seeks to demonstrate necessity of humanistic inquiry in the present era of environmental chance, and to explore how humanities scholars can better prepare for what lies ahead. This symposium features two panel discussions titled "Food and Beyond" and "Eating Injustice", and a keynote presentation titled "Unclean Eating: Mutual Aid, Compost, and Fermentation" delivered by Alexis Shotwell, Sociology, Carleton University. Full event details are available here. The event is free and open to the public. Vegan and vegetarian refreshments will be provided. For accommodation requests, contact mad301@georgetown.edu. The event is co-sponsored by the Kennedy Institute for Ethics and the Georgetown Philosophy Department.

This seminar, titled Approaching the Anthropocene: Global Culture and Planetary Change, brings together scholars from the humanities, the social sciences, the sciences, law, and medicine in order to assess the role of humanistically-oriented interdisciplinary thought in confronting the challenges posed by the “Anthropocene,” a term designating a new epoch in planetary history intended to recognize that human activity has left a permanent record in the strata of the earth and altered the course of biotic evolution.

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