Oct 2014

Bioethics Research Library (Healy 102):
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Friday Talk: Global Ebola Epidemic

Dr. Kevin Donovan is Director of the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, and Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University, with three decades of experience in clinical bioethics and clinical medicine being recognized as one of America’s “Best Doctors.” Sought after as a speaker on the local, national and international levels, he was awarded the Humanism in Medicine Award in 2005 from the Gold Foundation, which recognizes physicians who have successfully integrated humanism in the delivery of care to his patients and families.

The current Ebola epidemic has presented challenges both medical and ethical. Although we have known epidemics of untreatable diseases in the past, this particular one may be unique in the intensity and rapidity of its spread, as well as ethical challenges that it has created, exacerbated by its geographical location. We will look at the infectious agent and the epidemic it is causing, in order to understand the ethical problems that have arisen.

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