Feb 2018

Georgetown Law, Gewirz 12th Floor: 8:30am–5:00pm

Symposium: The Governance and Regulation of Information Platforms

Join leading academics and policy experts for a day-long symposium on the governance and regulation of information platforms.

Panels will explore:
(1) the roles platforms play as both subjects and sources of governance
(2) the roles platforms play—or might play—in structuring access to information and markets
(3) the role platforms play—or might play—in amplifying or mitigating false information, harassment, and political and social polarization, and how they may mitigate those problems, and
(4) questions of algorithmic accountability.
The conference will bring together academics, policy experts, advocates and regulators for a thought-provoking discussion about information platforms and the challenging governance and regulatory questions they present.

The event is free. Registration is required.