Sep 2017

Healy 427: 12pm–1pm

Towards Positive Collaboration in Online Learning Environments

Teaching sensitive subjects—abortion, gun control, euthanasia—is always a challenge. How can instructors model and foster civil discourse on topics that are often emotional, personal, or politically polarizing for the students in their class? In many ways, this challenge is only compounded when the site instruction is moved from a traditional classroom setting to a digital learning environment, where the cloak of anonymity and awkwardness of asynchronous communication further handicap efforts at productive, collaborative engagement.

Instructional design researcher Daniel Davis, a PhD candidate in Learner Modeling & Learning Analytics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, will share some principles for promoting effective collaboration online drawn from the empirical literature. A graduate of Georgetown’s own CCT program, Davis’s current research develops methods to gain a deeper understanding about how the design of online learning environments affects learner success and engagement, often by implementing and testing instructional interventions at scale.

Please bring a bagged lunch to this informal presentation, where you'll learn some data-supported principles for bridging the digital–classroom divide for productive dialogue and collaboration. Healy 427 is on the fourth floor of Healy Hall, in the center of Georgetown's main green. Light refreshments will be provided.

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