Co-creating a more ethical future through design.

EthicsLab is a design lab that experiments with a new way of making progress in practical ethics: a design-driven, team-based approach that unites expert ethicists, practicing designers, and thoughtful partners on the front lines of moral complexity to tackle real-world problems.

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An introduction to bioethics unlike any other.

In 2014, the KIE was proud to launch the world’s first “Introduction to Bioethics” MOOC on the edX platform, with a total enrollment exceeding 30,000 and still climbing. In 2015, we released the newest iteration of this ten-week, seven-faculty online learning experience.


A different kind of ethics class.

The KIE continues a tradition of thoughtful pedagogical experimentation with new course offerings that turn Georgetown's traditional "Philosophy 105: Introduction to Bioethics" inside-out.

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A design-driven interdisciplinary course cluster that breaks all the rules.

Design across the Curriculum (DxC) is a cross-boundary initiative directed by the Provost’s office to build a university-wide design leadership structure to advance design as a core component of the curriculum and steward design education into the future. The KIE is proud to be a part of the initiative by piloting the first of a series of interdisciplinary course clusters aimed at bridging disciplinary divides and making space for truly innovative pedagogy.

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