Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal

Now in its third decade of publication, the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (KIEJ) is an interdisciplinary quarterly journal of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. Over time, the journal’s focus has evolved as the field of bioethics has itself shifted and matured. In its early years, the journal emphasized traditional concerns in bioethics, such as the ethics of clinical research and physician-patient relations, but soon broadened its perspective to include moral issues in emerging medical technologies like human embryonic stem cell research and genetic testing. More recently, the journal’s purview has expanded to include normative aspects of human health and well-being, such as public health ethics and environmental justice, as well as ethical and social issues in science practice. Today, the editorial team continues to expand the journal’s horizons to keep the journal at the forefront of further developments in the discipline: only fitting for a journal which has for so long been a leader in the field.

The KIEJ seeks to publish philosophically rigorous and empirically informed articles that explore the conceptual foundations and complexities of bioethical issues. The editorial team construes ‘bioethics’ maximally broadly, so as to include ethical, social, and political issues concerning public health, medicine, the environment, the natural sciences, nutrition, human embodiment, and sustainability and development, along with all standard bioethical topics.  For more information, and to find out how to access past editions please visit the KIEJ website.

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics is an international forum for interdisciplinary studies in the ethics of health care and in the philosophy and methodology of medical practice and biomedical research. Coverage of ethics includes both clinical and research ethics, with an emphasis on underlying ethical theory. Particular attention is paid to the development of new methods and tools for analyzing the conceptual and ethical presuppositions of the medical sciences and health care processes. The journal publishes original scholarly articles examining clinical judgment and reasoning, medical concepts, the philosophical basis of medical science, and the philosophical ethics of health care and biomedical research. All philosophical methods and orientations receive equal consideration. For more information on how to submit your manuscript to TMBE, please visit the TMBE website.