Dr. Quill R. Kukla Awarded Humboldt Prize

Dr. Quill R. Kukla, Senior Research Scholar at The Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

Dr. Quill R. Kukla, Senior Research Scholar at The Kennedy Institute of Ethics and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, is one of 2019’s awardees of the Humboldt Research Award

The Humboldt Research Award is funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and granted to 100 researchers worldwide each year. Awardees are selected for their academic achievements and for their fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights that have had a significant impact on their own discipline.

The object of the award is to introduce new scholarship to Germany by supporting foreign academics to visit and conduct research there. Humboldt Research Scholars are expected to spend a year researching in Germany. 

Dr. Kukla will be a Humboldt Research Scholar at Leibniz University Hannover for 2020 and 2021. Their stay in summer 2020 will begin with a short conference. 

“I am incredibly excited about this opportunity,” Dr. Kukla said. Dr. Kukla was nominated for the award by Dr. Mathias Frisch of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, for their work in the applied philosophy of science — how science is situated in the social world — and secondarily for their work in the pragmatics of language.

“As a Humboldt Scholar I’ll be working on my fourth book on spatial and geographic knowledge, and also working to set up a network of philosophers of science that bridges different cities. I’m interested in doing work to connect German academics who are interested in ethical and social issues in scientific research and science communication,” said Dr. Kukla.