Ethics Lab staff to present at TLISI 2017

KIE Senior Product Designer Nico Staple and Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Edenberg are scheduled to present at this year’s annual Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI), to take place May 22-25, 2017. Learn more about TLISI and register here.

TLISI offers Georgetown faculty, staff and students from all campuses the opportunity to explore strategies for teaching and learning, including innovative and inclusive pedagogies, technology enhanced learning, and teaching to the whole person. Recent events highlight how important these approaches can be in building students’ capacity for democratic discourse and action. This year’s theme encourages the Georgetown community to consider the changing nature of teaching and learning and how we might embrace complexity, diversity and change both on the Hilltop and across our nation.

The Ethics Lab session is titled “Empathy Mapping: A Powerful Tool for Exploring Diverse Perspectives” and will take place Wednesday, May 24, from 3:00pm – 4:15pm:

This workshop will introduce instructors to empathy mapping, a pedagogical tool developed and piloted in Ethics Lab at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. Originally drawn from the world of design, an empathy map is used to help students gain a deeper understanding of another person’s perspective to gain ethical, action-oriented insight about an unfamiliar experience.

This workshop will introduce empathy mapping by guiding instructors through the exercise as their students would experience it, using materials from Ethics Lab’s empathy mapping toolkit. The topical focus will be the divided political context in contemporary American society. Members of the Ethics Lab team will introduce the prompt, run a simulation of the activity, and lead a post-activity discussion of the issues the empathy map surfaced, as well offering advice for adapting this toolkit to approach challenging topics in different disciplines. Our team is committed to facilitating use of this tool in classrooms throughout Georgetown. After the workshop, we will be available to partner with faculty and instructors to help incorporate this tool into their own classroom instruction.

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