Friday Talk: Poverty, Inequality, & Global Environmental Justice

Visiting Researcher Robert Robinson discusses themes in global environmental justice, with a special focus on the intersection of poverty and inequality.

Friday Talk: Ending the HIV Epidemic

Jeffrey Crowley, former Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy and Senior Advisor on Disability Policy for President Barack Obama, speaks on HIV and vulnerable populations.

Friday Talk: Coercion

Visiting researcher Kelso Cratsley explores common conceptions of coercion in bioethics, and argues for a more refined understanding of the term.

Friday Talk: Statisticians & the Conduct of Ethical Research

NIH biostatician Lisa Meier McShane will examine a scandalous 2008 case of cancer research gone wrong—partly brought to light by a GU grad—in an intimate discussion of the role statisticians may play in the conduct of ethical research.

Friday Talk: Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation

Hospital specialists Gauri Raheja and Kenny Boyd discuss ethical and technical issues surrounding organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Friday Talk: Institutional Review Boards

Kristen Katopol, Director of the Human Subject Protection Program at Georgetown's Medical Center, discusses Internal Review Boards: what they do, why they do it, and why it's hard.

Friday Talk: Privacy in Genomic Databases

Joel Kupersmith discusses ethical issues around privacy in genomic and other kinds of databases.

Friday Talk: Irrationality of Doctors’ Orders

Senior research scholar Robert M. Veatch discusses doctors' orders, and why they're irrational.

Friday Talk: The Baby Lottery

Jake Earl discusses a moral challenge to the right to parent our own children, rather than adopt.

Friday Talk: Ethics in Pharma Law

Lawyers John Gould and Mahnu Davar discuss ethical issues in the pharmaceutical industry's legal practices, including drug pricing and food and drug law.

Friday Talk: Forced Marriage of Minors

Renowned bioethicist Loretta Kopelman asks whether health care providers have a duty to intervene when faced with the forced marriage of minors in their medical care—and if so, what that duty entails.

Friday Talk: Whole-Genome Sequencing

Lawyer Shawneequa Callier speaks on moral issues around whole-genome sequencing and medically-important incidental findings.

Friday Talk: Islamic Bioethics

Explore the world of Islamic bioethics with visiting researcher Tuba Erkoc and the KIE's own Roxie France-Nuriddin, curator of Georgetown's Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics database project.

Friday Talk: Nursing, Environmental Justice, and Public Health

Laura Anderko will speak about ethical issues at the intersection of nursing, public health, and environmental justice.

Friday Talk: Genomic Medicine

Learn about the possible cures and probable confusions of genomic medicine with Dr. Kevin FitzGerald.

Friday Talk: Organ Donation

An extra-creepy installment of our popular cookies & bioethics series features the ethical and religious aspects of organ donation, with Dr. Abigail Rian Evans.

Friday Talk: Global Ebola Epidemic

Kevin Donovan, MD, director of Georgetown's Center for Clinical Bioethics, will discuss some of the most pressing moral issues raised in the ongoing global outbreak.

Friday Talk: Neurotechnology & the Self

Jim Giordano of Georgetown's Center for Clinical Bioethics discusses the ethics of accessing the brain and affecting the mind and self.