Former KIE director featured on Radiolab

Former Director and Scholar of the KIE LeRoy Walters is featured prominently in the newest episode of WNYC’s popular Radiolab program (along with shout-outs to the Bioethics Research Library and several research staff). The episode centers on the ethics of the guidelines used to regulate testing of human embryos in a lab setting.

From the program:

Last May, two research groups announced a breakthrough: they each grew human embryos, in the lab, longer than ever before. In doing so, they witnessed a period of human development no one had ever seen. But in the process, they crashed up against something called the ’14-day rule,’ a guideline set over 30 years ago that dictates what we do, and possibly how we feel, about human embryos in the lab.

On this episode, join producer Molly Webster as she peers down at our very own origins, and wonders: what do we do now?

The Primitive Streak

In a recent breakthrough, researchers grew human embryos longer than ever before, witnessing a mysterious part of human development, and crashing into a decades-old ethical dilemma.