KIE announces undergraduate research showcase

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics is proud to announce Georgetown’s first-ever Bioethics Research Showcase, which will feature undergraduate research work in a campus-wide juried event in April 2015.

Submissions are being solicited in a variety of categories, ranging from literary analysis to journalistic reporting to multimedia, dealing with some issue or theme in bioethics: the ethics of health, the environment, or emerging technology.

A series of workshops to help students conceptualize, develop, research, and effectively communicate their work are slated for early spring 2015. “We want students to be able to start with the kernel of an idea, and work with them to develop it into something compelling and exciting,” explains showcase organizer Laura Bishop. “That’s why we’re starting workshops, and opportunities for faculty mentorship and advice, so early.”

Funded with the generous support of the Mary Elizabeth Groff Surgical Medical Research and Education Charitable Trust, the showcase will involve a distinguished panel of judges, and cash prizes for outstanding student submissions. Selected submissions will also appear online in a curated gallery hosted by the KIE, so that student work can reach an even broader audience.

The showcase is scheduled for April 14-16, 2015, a date chosen to coincide with two other on-campus research symposia (the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Conference), with the expectation that some students will show their work in multiple venues. “We are delighted … that the Showcase serves to open the Undergraduate Research Week,” Bishop says, “and it will offer more submission categories than the events later in the week and will provide multi-disciplinary and multi-format focus on bioethics issues.”

“We expect students new to bioethics also to be encouraged to offer their research perspectives on important issues in bioethics because one or more of the submission categories are familiar to them even if the subject matter of bioethics presents the opportunity to learn something new,” she adds.

Interested students can learn more about the showcase on the KIE website’s “undergraduate” section, and are warmly invited to sign up for updates about workshops (or to request a mentor for an existing project or idea) by clicking the link below. Preliminary statements of interest are welcomed any time between December 1, 2014 and February 16, 2015, with a final submission deadline of March 23, 2015.

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