KIE Director interviewed for NPR’s Morning Edition

KIE Director Maggie Little was featured as part of an in-depth segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today focused on pregnancy and research. Read the full story and click to listen to the audio below:

When Pregnant Women Need Medicine, They Encounter A Void

“Hundreds of medicines are responsibly and importantly used during pregnancy, because pregnant women get ill and ill women get pregnant,” Little says. “The point is, we need to get more information on how to use those drugs during pregnancy to make sure they’re the most effective and the safest for use during that time.”

Dr. Little is part of an interdisciplinary research team heading up two grant-funded projects at the intersection of pregnancy and research: one on HIV/AIDS, and one on Zika and other public health emergencies. Keep up with the team’s work on Twitter and with Institute happenings on our website.