KIE Director to address Presidential Commission

Kennedy Institute of Ethics director Maggie Little has been invited to address the US Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues at its twenty-first meeting in Philadelphia, PA, on May 27th, 2015, on the Institute’s pioneering work in bioethics education.

The meeting, which will run from 9am–5pm, will focus on a few key areas: the role of deliberation and deliberative methods to engage the public and inform debate in bioethics, and how to integrate pubic dialogue into the bioethics conversation; bioethics education as a forum for fostering deliberative skills, and preparing students to participate in public dialogue in bioethics; goals and methods of bioethics education; and integrating bioethics education across a range of professional disciplines and educational levels.

Dr. Little has been invited to speak specifically on the creative forays into bioethics education that the Kennedy Institute has engaged in during her tenure, in particular, its Conversations in Bioethics event series, which integrates student work with expert panel discussion, and its Introduction to Bioethics MOOC (massive open online course), recently re-launched for a second live run in April 2015 to a global audience of thousands.

The meeting will be broadcast live on May 27th, and will be saved as part of the Commission’s Archives for future review.