KIE Fellow’s talk highlighted in student newspaper

Graduate Fellow of the KIE Jake Earl’s recent talk “The Baby Lottery: A Challenge to the Right to Parent Our Own Children,” offered as part of the KIE’s weekly Friday Bioethics Series in the Bioethics Research Library.

Earl, who is currently a doctoral candidate and teaching associate in Georgetown College as well as a graduate fellow for the KIE, delivered his proposal for the Baby Lottery, a system that would randomly redistribute newborns to different parental applicants selected from a waitlist.

“It would work a lot like organ donation,” Earl said. “So, all children born in a certain territory in a place like the United States — it could be a large territory because we have a lot of effective transportation, and we have a lot of infrastructure set up for that — any children born would be removed from their birth parents — so, the people who created them, who gave birth to them in come cases. They’d be cared for in health care, or some sort of other facilities, for a short period of time, during which they would be randomly assigned and then expediently distributed to people who are on a waiting list.”

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