KIE Journal announces Editor’s Pick for special issue on global bioethics

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal is please to announce our Editor’s Pick for a recent special issue on cross-cultural and global bioethics: Jing-Bao Nie and Ruth Fitzgerald’s article, “Connecting the East and the West, the Local and the Universal: The Methodological Elements of a Transcultural Approach to Bioethics.”

Nie and Fitzgerald argue that scholars working in transcultural bioethics have “seriously problematic methodological habits in approaching cultural differences,” such as “radically dichotomizing the East and the West, the local and the universal.” Paired with another paper in the journal by by Neil Pickering and Nie, the Nie and Fitzgerald paper seeks to develop new methodologies for transcultural bioethics, the former an outline of its key elements and the latter its application to a practical bioethical issue.

Nie also served as guest editor for this year’s special issue, editing and introducing the collection alongside Journal Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Kukla and Ruth Fitzgerald and featured pieces operating in disciplines ranging from Asian and Chinese studies, indigenous studies, psychiatry and medicine, literature, and medical humanities.

The KIEJ’s “Editor’s Pick” is a paper made available online for free for all to read, each time a volume of the quarterly publication comes out. The Journal also makes a continuous stream of its book reviews available for free online and via RSS and email subscription.

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