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KIE Journal Celebrates 20 Years of Publication

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (KIEJ) is celebrating its twentieth year of publication with a new website and a host of other exciting changes. An early leader in the field of bioethics, the journal has evolved over time to reflect an expanding and maturing discipline. From an early emphasis on traditional concerns in bioethics — such as the ethics of clinical research and physician-patient relations — the KIEJ soon broadened its perspective to include moral issues in emerging medical technologies (like human embryonic stem cell research and genetic testing), then further to include other aspects of human health and well-being, publishing articles in public health ethics and environmental justice.

Today, editors-in-chief John Keown, Rebecca Kukla, and Madison Powers continue to expand the KIEJ’s horizons to keep the journal at the forefront of further developments in the discipline. Forthcoming special issues include a collection of essays on scientific expertise and democratic decision-making, and another on the ethics of food. The journal — like the Kennedy Institute itself — has long served the bioethics community by providing a forum for serious and extended theoretical discussion. This tradition of philosophical rigor will be carried over to a planned program of book reviews, to be published online and distributed to subscribers. Visit the KIEJ book review page to get involved in this exciting new program.

To learn more about these and other developments, head to, where you can explore the journal’s top articles and special issues, learn more about the editors and their vision, submit a manuscript for review, read about subscription policies, and more. Or, come rub elbows with the editors in person at the upcoming annual conference of the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) and the December meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA Eastern), where the KIEJ will celebrate twenty years of bioethics scholarship and toast to many more ahead.