KIE Reference & Program Specialist completes seminar on Islamic Bioethics

This month, Reference & Program Specialist Roxie France-Nuriddin completed a four-course seminar for professional development titled “Constructing an ‘Islamic Bioethics’: An Intensive Reading Course.”

The purpose of the course was to introduce participants to some of the critical concepts in Islamic theology and jurisprudence, that undergird the ethical frameworks and sources of authority that define responses to pressing bioethical issues from an Islamic perspective. The course included historical and thematic introductions to the subject, offering a panoramic overview of core questions in Islamic tradition, relating contemporary questions to classical scholarship, and classical problems to modern ones.

The course instructor was Dr. Aasim I. Padela, MD, MSc, Director of the Initiative on Islam and Medicine, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago. The seminar was taught at the Fairfax Institute in Herndon, VA.

As Reference & Program Specialist, Ms. France-Nuriddin is the Collection Curator for English language resources for the Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics (IMSE) collection and database, a joint project of the Bioethics Research Library and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Library in Qatar.