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KIE Scholar explores the ethics surrounding end-of-life planning

Senior Research Scholar Daniel Sulmasy joined Kathie Conn, a facilitator and end-of-life healing transition celebrant, as guests on public radio’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show. The two discussed new programming at a local library, where people are gathering to discuss a topic not normally brought up over coffee with strangers: death and end-of-life issues. Originally created in the U.K., so-called “death cafes” are becoming popular in the States as a way to help people raise end-of-life issues before those decisions are imminent. Sulmasy and Conn explore why “death cafes” are catching on.

Local ‘Death Cafes’ Make Space To Talk About Mortality And End-Of-Life Care – The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Tea, scones, and…death? A local library is creating space for people to gather and discuss the taboo topic of death with facilitators.