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KIE Scholar named editor of prestigious journal

Senior Research Scholar Rebecca Kukla has been named Editor-in-Chief of Public Affairs Quarterly, a leading journal on current issues in social and political philosophy, effective July 2015.

The journal specializes in scholarship on contemporary matters in public policy, offering philosophical case studies of issues like: social and economic justice; public welfare; individual entitlements, rights, and duties; inheritance, taxation, and distributive justice in general; population policy, abortion, and euthanasia; environmental problems; science policy; the social and political status of women, senior citizens, minorities, and other social groups; arms control, war and deterrence; loyalty, duty, and patriotism; ethical issues in medicine, business, and the professions; criminality, criminal justice, and punishment; and others.

Its mission is to “promote the understanding of issues of public policy by publishing essays that bring philosophical depth and sophistication to matters on the agenda of public debate that would otherwise be left to the tender mercies of political rhetoric and journalistic oversimplification,” according to its website.

Dr. Kukla is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal here at Georgetown, and will continue on in that role as well.