KIE Scholar Publishes Introductory Bioethics Book

“The Basics of Bioethics, Fourth Edition.”

Dr. Robert M. Veatch, Senior Research Scholar at the KIE and Professor Emeritus of Medical Ethics at Georgetown, has published a fourth edition of “The Basics of Bioethics.” His co-writer, Dr. Laura K. Guidry-Grimes, received her Ph.D. from Georgetown, and now works at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

“Veatch and Guidry-Grimes have set a new standard for balancing breadth, clarity, and accessibility for introductory texts in healthcare ethics,” said Dr. Michael J. Deem of Duquesne University.

The book offers an introduction to bioethics, and is intended for healthcare professionals, teachers, students, and anyone interested in bioethics. It features multiple case studies that help anchor the broader discussion. 

“Early on, particularly in association with the Kennedy Institute, the book was based on a principle-based approach to bioethics,” Dr. Veatch said. “But this fourth edition has a much greater emphasis on alternative approaches to bioethics, including feminist theory, narrative ethics, care theory, and virtue theory. In the 10 years since the last edition, all of these approaches have become more significant.”

He particularly mentioned Dr. Guidry-Grimes as being skilled on alternative theories. 

In this edition, Dr. Veatch notes, “We were also able to expand the discussion of genetics and reproductive ethics, particularly things like CRISPR.”

“The Basics of Bioethics, Fourth Edition” is the latest among Dr. Veatch’s over 60 books. He has no plans to slow down, and is already halfway through a draft for his next addition.