KIE Hosts Webinar on COVID-19 & Global Bioethics

Pandemic means the whole world. Our webinar turns the focus of discussion toward concerns raised by the COVID-19 / new corona virus pandemic for the people outside the Global North.

Many regions of the world face the virus with few high-tech medical resources, strained or absent healthcare options, more density of populations or populations on the move, and existing socio-economic disadvantages.

Moderated by bioethicist Daniel Sulmasy, expert panelists Mark DybulLawrence Gostin, and David Hollenbach will raise key issues, offer insights and discuss a range of medical, legal, public health and social justice concerns. Claudia Ruiz Sotomayor reports on the pandemic for Mayan communities in Mexico and Alban Pascal Noudjom Tchana considers its impact on the citizens of Cameroon.

Watch the full webinar here

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