Library Explores New Opportunities in India

Laura Bishop, PhD, Academic Program Officer for Outreach, Library, and International Initiatives, and Doris Goldstein, MLS, MA, Senior Library Adviser for International Initiatives, had the opportunity to travel to and within India on a research grant from Georgetown University.

This trip gave the travelers an opportunity to meet people interested in collaborating on student and professional educational exchanges in bioethics and in developing digital and physical bioethics research library collections. Laura and Doris visited hospitals, medical schools, non-profits, libraries, and universities. They visited 5 locations in India in about 14 days: Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai (Madras), Bengaluru (Bangalore), Thiruvalla, Kerala, and New Delhi. From the research grant, money for two travel grants has been set aside so that two Indian nationals will come to the KIE’s annual Intensive Bioethics Course in June 2012. The grants will be awarded competitively, but will allow the educational exchange and planning process to continue. The Indian people were great, their work was inspiring, and the food was delicious.

During their return, Doris and Laura stopped in Doha, Qatar for a three-day research meeting during which a colleague made a presentation on their collaborative project on Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics.