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KIEJ inaugurates new book review series

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal is proud to announce our new series of online reviews of books in bioethics, practical ethics, and the ethical, social, and legal dimensions of science and medicine. These in-depth reviews are written by leading figures in the discipline, and are published in online issue supplements, with pre-publication versions available on our website.

Recent titles include Intervention in the Brain: Politics, Policy, and Ethics by Robert H. Blank (MIT Press 2013), reviewed by Bryce Huebner; Why Have Children?: The Ethical Debate by Christine Overall (MIT Press 2012), reviewed by Karen Stohr; and Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by John Broome (W. W. Norton 2012), reviewed by Madison Powers.

Interested readers can also suggest a book for review, and sign up for email updates of new reviews, at the KIEJ website.

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