KIE’s PHASES grant featured in Hoya

An article in Georgetown’s student-run newspaper, The Hoya, profiles some of the KIE team behind the recent multi-milliondollar grant from the NIH aimed at the ethical inclusion of pregnant women in HIV research.

PHASES: Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS: Seeking Equitable Study is a venture jointly led by bioethics scholars at several leading US universities.

The article quotes Institute director Maggie Little, one of the co-principal investigators on the grant, and Institute communications director Kelly Heuer, on the history of the KIE’s role in tackling this issue, and the ambitions of the current project, as well as featuring reflections from the NIH’s Liza Dawson on the nature of the problem that PHASES aims to tackle:

Liza Dawson, the research ethics team leader in the Division of AIDS at the NIH, said that the grant will provide valuable data on pregnant women suffering from AIDS. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of infection and often develop more severe symptoms. “We should be concerned about safety of the mother and the fetus and the ultimate safety of the infant … [but] because of those concerns about safety, there has been a big hesitancy to include pregnant women in studies,” Dawson said. “That’s understandable, but it has created a big problem in that we don’t have the evidence base for treatment of pregnant women.”

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