Praise for Introduction to Bioethics MOOC

Our ten-week Introduction to Bioethics MOOC kicks off tomorrow, April 15, 2016 at noon EST.

For the third year in a row, we will to tackle some of the most difficult moral challenges we face in health, medicine, and emerging technologies with a global classroom of thousands of participants from around the world.

This year, we’ll be offering an updated version of the course, live on the edX platform and complete with discussion boards, quizzes, and a global class of peers. Finishing the live course earns you a certificate of completion and opens you up to a global network of bioethics peers. This year, due to high student demand, we are offering the option to earn a verified certificate.

Here’s what past students had to say:

“It’s amazing to realise the vast scope of bioethics while involved in this course. It was indeed a much needed primer for my current masters in bioethics. Many thanks to the course providers.”

“This class was professionally filmed and managed, allowing me to focus on the course content. I found the course content thought-provoking and the discussion boards intellectually stimulating. I’ve taken other MOOCs in which this was not the case. Pedagogically this is a great course, but it is also a wonderful example of a MOOC with high production value.”

“I found this course to be very engaging. It’s the first edX course I’ve taken and I’m looking forward to others in the future. The supplemental resources were also quite useful.”

“Dear Instructors: Tom Beauchamp, John Keown, Rebecca Kukla, Margaret Little, Madison Powers, Karen Stohr, Robert M. Veatch and everybody in the edX Team, who made it possible for me to join the course Introduction to Bioethics! It was great to get an understanding of modern views on bioethics issues in the magnificent professional presentation and also have the opportunity to improve my knowledge of English. I’m happy that I was able to get this inspiring experience, and now I understand how to improve my practice. I wish to thank you very much indeed for all you have done for me. I will try to keep the acquired experience to myself and share it with my colleagues and our students.”

“This course was especially interesting to me since I participate in a local Science & Religion discussion group. We’ve looked at several of the topics covered here such as genetic engineering, 21st century reproductive issues, and organ donation but not with the emphasis on the ethics issues. I plan to use some the information from Chapter 4 – Enhancement at a future discussion with our group.”

“Interesting course, it introduces to complex topics with clear and straightforward lessons. Extras and bibliography are deep and accurate.”

“Worth attending. Good instructors, and clear and well balanced content.”

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