Pregnancy Ethics Working Group Published in Vaccine

The Ethics Working Group on Zika virus (ZIKV) Research and Pregnancy published an article in Vaccine last week. The article, titled “Ethics, Pregnancy, and ZIKV vaccine research and development” discusses the group’s ethics guidance as it applies to the on-going threat of ZIKV outbreaks. The guidance, funded by the Wellcome Trust, was created by the Working Group, which is a collection of fifteen experts in bioethics, public health, philosophy, pediatrics, obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, vaccine research, and maternal immunization.

An excerpt from the article:

ZIKV vaccines are expected to be a critical weapon in the arsenal against near-term and future Zika outbreaks. Adequately addressing the specific interests of pregnant women in ZIKV vaccine research and development efforts is essential to mitigating the potential harms faced by pregnant women and their offspring. It is also a matter of fairness and respect. Our report provides three guiding imperatives and 15 concrete recommendations to help ensure that the needs of pregnant women and their offspring are adequately and ethically addressed in the vaccine component of the public health response to Zika.

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