Prelude Program Introduces New Students to Bioethics

As part of this year’s New Student Orientation Program, the Kennedy Institute of Ethics provided an opportunity for incoming students to learn about bioethics and the resources available at the Institute through a program called “Brave New World? Bioethics and the Future of Health Care.”

During the program, KIE director Maggie Little spoke to the students about new horizons in bioethics, such as emerging issues in women’s health, personalized genomics, and global health. Dr. Laura J. Bishop introduced the resources available to the students in their future pursuits including the Bioethics Research Library’s special collections and resources on topics such as Islamic and Asian bioethics.

The students also heard from fellow students and UBS co-chairs, Samuel Dowling and Jessica Alpert about upcoming opportunities like the Bioethics Bowl and the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference to be held at Georgetown in Spring 2013.

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