Lab team visits high school STEAM fair

Ethics Lab team members Nico Staple and Elizabeth Edenberg took some of the lab’s empathy mapping kit prototypes to share with local high schoolers, educators, and administrators in two back-to-back workshops.

EthicsLab hosts design sessions on the ethics of big data

The Ethics Lab recently hosted multiple design sessions on big data. The team is currently identifying experts from academia and Georgetown’s alumni network to collaborate on the development and delivery of a new course for next year as well as direct impact projects on campus and beyond.

Announcing ‘Ethics in Action’

A collaboration of the KIE’s EthicsLab and an independent school in New Jersey, the program is a design- and ethics-intensive experience aimed at elite high school students.

Featured class: Debates in Bioethics

Colin Hickey’s Spring 2015 “Debates in Bioethics” class blends the curricular and the extra-curricular, with case-based learning and an opportunity for select students to compete on Georgetown’s national-champion debate team.

EthicsLab Pilot Underway

EthicsLab seeks to invent the next generation of bioethics curriculum and to offer transformative ethics education experiences for the undergraduates at Georgetown University.