KIE Scholar examines researchers’ obligations to provide ancillary care

Senior Research Scholar Henry Richardson has published a new co-authored paper in the New England Journal of Medicine. The paper, titled When Ancillary Care Clashes with Study Aims, examines whether medical researchers have a moral obligation to provide ancillary care in cases where doing so interferes with the study’s aims. Authors Richardson, Nir Eyal, Jeffrey […]

Scholar Submits UN Climate Change Proposal

KIE scholar Henry Richardson serves on the UN’s UNESCO World Commission on the ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST), and recently was part of the team submitting “A Framework of Ethical Principles and Responsibilities for Climate Change Adaptation.”

KIE Affiliate Appointed at UNESCO

KIE affiliated scholar Henry Richardson was appointed to a four-year term on the World Commission on the Ethics of Science and Technology, whose current focus is global warming.