Announcing new edX Course on Bioethics

Today, Georgetown announced “Introduction to Bioethics,” featuring seven KIE scholars, as one of the university’s first massive online open courses (MOOCs) to be launched on the edX platform.

KIE Hosts Second Meeting on Animal Research Ethics

Funded by the National Science Foundation, a collection of bioethicists, including KIE scholar Tom Beauchamp, is taking up the question of medical research on chimpanzees in the second of a series of interdisciplinary meetings held at the KIE.

KIE wins Cornerstone Award

The KIE was honored with the Cornerstone Award from the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, for its pioneering work in the field of bioethics.

Scholar Receives NIH Challenge Grant

KIE Scholar Tom Beauchamp, along with a small group of scholars at Johns Hopkins University, received a Challenge Grant from the federal government to analyze the conceptual, moral, and policy dimensions of the distinction between research and treatment.