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Our people are pioneers and innovators. Through collaborative scholarship, partnerships within and beyond the academy, and a diverse portfolio of innovative educational offerings, the faculty, researchers, and staff of the KIE work every day to actualize Georgetown’s Jesuit commitment to ethics engaged in the real world.


The Kennedy Institute’s director and faculty council ensure that its 50+ years of leadership in scholarship, teaching, and collaboration endure and also evolve to address emerging ethical challenges.

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Faculty, Scholars, and Fellows

The Institute is a community dedicated to research, teaching, and service; the work of its faculty, scholars, and fellows is at the core of its identity and mission.

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The KIE could not function without its staff members, who have administrative, logistical, technical, and research expertise. Their commitment to the Institute’s mission animates and sustains its daily work.

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Visiting Researchers

Each year, scholars from around the world participate in the KIE’s Visiting Researchers Program, which allows them to conduct research in residence at Georgetown for some part of the academic year, with access to the full range of scholarly resources the campus offers.

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Faculty Affiliates

KIE Faculty Affiliates hail from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. The experience and expertise they share with the Institute are an invaluable resource and engage faculty, staff, researchers, and students in applied ethics across and beyond the academy.

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Retired Faculty and Scholars

The Institute’s roster of retired faculty includes scholars, teachers, and leaders whose legacies help ground its work going forward.

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