Cynthia Chance, PhD

Managing Director

Dr. Chance is Managing Director of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, with particular responsibilities in strategic planning and leadership; staff development and oversight; and fundraising.

As Assistant Provost, Dr. Chance's portfolio includes faculty compensation, personnel matters, faculty appointments, faculty data, faculty and AAP leaves, communication, searches, endowments and professorships, retention, the rank and tenure process, merit review, and retirement.

Dr. Chance holds a PhD in Philosophy from Georgetown University, and taught philosophy at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC, prior to joining the administration at Georgetown.

Did you know?

A three time Hoya who has held leadership roles on diverse institutional initiatives from multi-year strategic planning to contract negotiation with our adjunct union, Cindy’s skill as convener, content expert and project partner have brought out the best in individuals and committees, enhancing the faculty experience on the Main Campus. Cindy has been called “the Georgetown whisperer” for her institutional insight, ability to manage complex teams, and collegial style. What is her secret? “Listen.”

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