John Langan, SJ, PhD

Senior Research Scholar,
Professor of Philosophy, Cardinal Bernardin Chair in Catholic Social Thought

Dr. Langan is a Jesuit priest with graduate degrees in philosophy, classics, and theology. In addition to his role at the KIE, he is Professor of Philosophy and Cardinal Bernardin Chair in Catholic Social Thought at Georgetown. He has also taught at Yale Divinity School, Drew University, and Loyola University Chicago.

His research interests include ethics and international affairs, especially applications of just war theory; business ethics; human rights in theory and practice; capital punishment; Catholic social teaching; the place of religion in liberal political thought; the ethical theories of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. He is currently working on a manuscript on the ethics of humanitarian intervention.

Dr. Langan has served as a consultant to the Chemical Bank (New York) and to the U.S. Navy Corps of Chaplains. He currently serves on the boards of the Bon Secours Health System (Maryland), the Society of Christian Ethics, Theological Studies, and the Georgetown University Press. He is chair of the American section of the Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament.

Did you know?

Dr. Langan's undergraduate course on "Just Wars in Theory and Practice" was featured on the Georgetown University homepage. "I have a strong conviction that within every major area of human activity, there is a kind of implicit ethic," he says. "I think that's true in business, it's true in sports, wherever human beings are cooperating over a serious period of time, to do some things that are demanding and challenging."

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