Marta Dias Barcelos

Visiting Researcher

Marta Dias Barcelos is a PhD candidate in Moral and Political Philosophy at New University of Lisbon, and a scholarship holder from the Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal. Since September 2016, she is a Visiting Researcher at the KIE, where she has been writing her dissertation in methodologies of bioethics, with a concentration on principlism, having Henry Richardson, JD, MPP, PhD, as her mentor. Marta earned a BA (Philosophy) and a Specialization Course (Philosophy for Children) from the University of the Azores, and an MA (Bioethics) from the University of Lisbon. Marta was Instructor at the University of the Azores, where she served as coordinator of undergraduate education in Philosophy and Portuguese Culture, and in European Studies and International Politics. She is also Instructor at the Episcopal Seminary of Angra. Marta served as a member of two Ethics Committees, and as a trainer for professionals in courses on applied ethics.