Martina Darragh, MLS

Deputy Director of Reference

Martina is responsible for reference services at the Bioethics Research Library.

Her interest in librarianship began with a stint as a deck attendant at the Library of Congress, where she helped researchers to use the LoC catalog to locate materials. She draws upon her background in Montessori education when designing the BRL's online tutorials and instruction guides, and is famous among visiting researchers and visitors to our annual Intensive Bioethics Course for her one-on-one research consultations.

Did you know?

Together with co-authors Liana Buniak and James Giordano, Martina recently published the first in a four-part working bibliography of neuroethics in the journal Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities. Martina writes, "Neuroethics [investigates] neurocognitive mechanisms of morality and ethics; and … the ethical issues spawned by the use of neuroscience and its technologies," and her comprehensive bibliography is designed to aid both lines of inquiry.

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