Paulo Fraga da Silva

PhD in Education (science teaching). Professor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM), São Paulo, Brazil and professor in the Postgraduate Program in Education, Art and Cultural History at UPM. Specialist in Bioethics from the University of São Paulo.
Specialist in Ethics, Values and Citizenship at School from the University of São Paulo. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. For a long time, he was a science teacher in Elementary School and a biology teacher in High School in public and private schools.
Paulo studies  Teaching for Science Education, Bioethics, and Environmental Education in Teacher Training Courses. He is an  expert on Journals related to Bioethics and Teacher Education in Brazil. He is a member of the Research Ethics Committee (UPM).
He leads the Ethics and Bioethics Research Group (UPM) and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bioethical Society of São Paulo. He has extensive experience in Education in the following subjects: Teaching of Sciences and Biology, Bioethics, Bioethics and Education, Education Environmental Education and Teacher Training.

The subject of Paulo’s current research is centered on the investigation of processes of construction of the pedagogical knowledge of content (PCK). It intends to analyze how a bioethics teacher constructs pedagogical knowledge of content, specifically the bioethics content.