Each year, scholars from around the world apply to participate in the KIE’s Visiting Researchers Program.

The program is designed to let scholars conduct research in residence at Georgetown for some part of the academic year, with access to the full range of scholarly resources the campus offers. Visiting scholars are typically students or faculty from other programs of advanced study who use their time at the KIE to pursue individual research projects, whether DPhil or PhD dissertations, MA theses, book manuscripts, scholarly articles, or some other project of special interest.

Visiting researchers receive a net ID and email alias, along with a university identification card that authorizes lending privileges at Georgetown’s campus libraries. Additionally, researchers are granted special privileges at the Institute’s world-class Bioethics Research Library: individualized consultations and reference assistance from the Library’s information specialists, and — depending on availability — a carrel at which they may keep materials.

In the past, visiting researchers have given short presentations of their work to members of the campus community and audited graduate courses offered by KIE faculty (with prior permission). They have visited for three weeks or for an entire year. The shape of your visit is up to you, depending on interest and resource availability at the Institute.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Georgetown!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to become a Visiting Researcher to use the Bioethics Research Library?

The KIE’s Bioethics Research Library is open to the Georgetown campus community, including alumni and members of the Georgetown University Library Associates program, and to current students and faculty of other Washington Research Library Consortium schools. If you are not a member of one of these categories, and intend to visit for a week or more of research, we recommend that you contact Laura Bishop to discuss the nature of your research and proposed length of stay. You may be encouraged to apply to the Visiting Research program for more formal access. You can read more about library use policies at the Bioethics Research Library website.

What does the Visiting Researcher Program provide?

Visiting researchers receive a net ID and email alias, along with a University identification card that authorizes lending privileges at the main University Library and permits attendance at various University-sponsored events. Every effort is made to ensure that researchers are made aware of speakers and programs hosted by the Institute, the Medical School, the Law Center, and the Philosophy Department, to which they are welcome. The Program does not include provision of office space, secretarial support, housing, or any form of financial support.

Visiting researchers also benefit from a reference and research consultation with information specialists in the Bioethics Research Library and (depending on availability) enjoy the use of a carrel where they may shelve materials related to their research. Visiting researchers are able to audit graduate classes taught by KIE faculty (with prior permission) and to request one-on-one meetings with scholars working on topics relevant to the researcher’s interests.

How do I arrange for housing?

Housing in the Washington, DC area is in high demand. The University does not provide Visiting Researchers with housing accommodations. Those wishing to obtain housing in the area should begin to make arrangements well in advance of their arrival.

US-based researchers may explore Georgetown’s Off Campus Housing Office for assistance in locating housing in the Washington area. Non-US-based researchers may contact Georgetown’s Office of International Services for assistance with housing and other aspects of the move to Washington, DC.

What fees are involved?

At present, two administrative fees of $400 each are charged each semester. One fee is payable to the Provost’s Office and the other to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. Fees may be paid by cashier’s check, personal check, traveler’s check, or in cash (US dollars only); no credit card payments are accepted.

Can I start my stay at any point in the year?

The visiting researcher program is flexible to accommodate scholars’ existing commitments. It is not recommended — and may not be possible — to start your research stay during the summer months of June, July, and August. Scholars may start in mid-August to get settled and oriented prior to the start of fall semester.

Where can I find more information?

More information about Georgetown University’s Visiting Researcher program is available here.

How to Apply

To begin the process, send us an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae, a short one to two page summary of the project to be pursued while you are at Georgetown, and a cover letter describing the purpose or goal of your research and the dates that you would like to visit.

If your application is accepted, you will hear directly from us about the next steps of the application process, which involve the Provost’s Office and, if you will be visiting from outside the United States, Georgetown’s Office of Global Services.

For questions about and throughout the process, feel free to contact Laura Bishop using the link below. Please do not contact the Provost’s Office directly.

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