2018, Academic Paper

Behind the Scenes of To Catch a Predator: Uncovering the Environmental and Genetic Factors that Lead to the Development of Phedophilia


Today we refer to scientific experts rather than exorcists to inform our understanding of the world around us. As a result, epilepsy is considered a medical condition as opposed to demonic possession. Nevertheless, there is an alarming parallel between society’s response to epilepsy in biblical times and society’s response to pedophilia in the 21st century. Modern science informs us that we are a product of our environment and biology. The justice system, however, punishes rather than treats those who do not win the genetic and environmental lottery. Scientific research transformed the climate around epilepsy; yet despite recent efforts to change how we view pedophilia, misconceptions surrounding this condition still exist. The public sees pedophilia as a conscious choice when in reality it is a complex condition which develops from a host of environmental and genetic factors that need to be analyzed to inform the public and our justice system.

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