2017, Business Plan

Fiber Filter


Every time you wash your fleece, it dumps 250,000 plastic microfibers into water sources. These fibers degrade the health of aquatic life, and when they make their way into food and water sources, can affect human well-being, too. It’s a newly discovered problem, but given its scale and the scale of synthetic fiber use worldwide, many parties – nonprofits, individual researchers, and even commercial retailers – are already on eager to take down microfiber pollution. Our solution is the Fiber Filter. Modeled on the idea of the already common delicates bag, the Fiber Filter is an easy to use garments pouch for synthetic clothing that prevents the release of microfibers into waterways right at the source. It allows the consumer to continue to wear their favorite synthetic pieces of clothing, without sacrificing the integrity of their conscience, the environment, or their daily routine. All it takes is a zip of the bag and a toss in the wash (and the dryer too!), and the consumer becomes a solution.


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