2018, Journalistic Reporting

Reflecting On My Grandmother’s Death


This work was inspired by my grandmother, Luybov Kapuza, who recently ended her battle with Alzheimer’s. Through watching my grandmother suffer, I developed strong views on several bioethical topics, the most prominent of which was euthanasia. 

This work was explaining the way my grandmother lived and died, and presenting an alternative scenario. It makes the case that one cause is more ethical than the other. Doctors swear to uphold ethics—do no harm—but we still question when doing nothing is taking the most harmful path? For this reason, euthanasia is an essential issue to bring up in the case of medical or bioethics. What should doctors do when presented with a case that is sure to deteriorate and have no measurable quality of life?

I felt that presenting a real-life case—the case of my grandmother and her family as she deteriorated—would demonstrate best my argument that euthanasia is a humane decision for doctors to make, pushing the bioethical debate and also stressing its importance.

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