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The Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University helped to invent the field of bioethics, beginning a tradition of creative leadership in practical ethics that continues into the twenty-first century.

Upcoming Events


Georgetown Disability Initiative: Sound & Fury

Georgetown, ICC 101: 7pm–9pm

The Georgetown Disability Initiative will host a film screening of "Sound and Fury" The film will be captioned and will be followed by a small group discussion.


Vulnerability and Its Relevance to Medical Ethics

Georgetown, Preclinical Science/ILC-GF7: 12:00pm

The Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics presents a work-in-progress lecture by Xavier Symons, a Doctoral Candidate at the Australian Catholic University


Joint Colloquium in Bioethics: Jennifer Prah Ruger, University of Pennsylvania

The NIH Clinical Center Department of Bioethics: 3:30pm–5:30pm

Jennifer Prah Ruger of the University of Pennsylvania presents as the third in a series of five scholars for this fall's Joint Colloquium in Bioethics. This semester's topic is Global Justice.


Humanitarian Evidence: 4th Evidence Aid International Conference

Georgetown, Healey Family Student Center: ALL DAY

The fourth in a series of international conferences will address key issues in the realm of disaster response.

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