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Forty-five years of leadership
in ethics for a complex world.

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University helped to invent the field of bioethics, beginning a tradition of creative leadership in practical ethics that continues into the twenty-first century.

Recent News

June 30, 2017

Research team releases guidance on pregnancy and zika vaccine research

KIE Director Maggie Little and colleagues, funded by the UK’s Wellcome Trust, have published ethical guidelines to responsibly and equitably include pregnant women in research related to public health emergencies, especially Zika.

June 1, 2017

KIE affiliates discuss the morality of reproduction in a world threatened by environmental degradation

KIE alum Travis Rieder and Senior Research Scholar Rebecca Kukla join Foreign Policy to discuss the ethics of having children in the face of environmental catastrophe.

May 22, 2017

KIE Scholar shares remarks on historic case in medical ethics for the Washington Post

Senior Research Scholar Bob Veatch comments on a case that fundamentally changed our thinking of doctor-patient relationships.

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