KIE and PCCB “leadership in the complex field of medical ethics” profiled in Summer 2023 Georgetown Health Magazine

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics, along with the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, is profiled in the summer 2023 issue of Georgetown Health Magazine. KIE director Dan Sulmasy, PCCB director Myles Sheehan, SJ, and Ethics Consultation Service chief Claudia Sotomayor are featured in the piece, along with Casey Haldeman (G’21), a Pellegrino Scholar while enrolled in the Clinical Nurse Leader program at the School of Nursing .

From the profile:

“There’s more to ethics than just being a practically wise and good person,” says Sulmasy, also a member of the Ethics Consultation Service. “We need those sorts of persons, but it is also helpful to have someone who knows the principles, so they can help clarify others’ thoughts, specify the range of views that might be acceptable or unacceptable—and then, as my mentor Edmund Pellegrino would have said, ask the question, ‘What is the right and the good healing act for this patient in these circumstances?’

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