Sullivan to present at end-of-life care seminar in Vatican City in February 2024

Joseph P. Kennedy Chair in Bioethics William F. Sullivan, MD, PhD will serve as a faculty member at an intensive seminar titled “Ethics of End-of-life Care: Contributions from the Arts and Humanities” from February 11 – 17, 2024 in Vatican City. The seminar is hosted by the St. André International Center for Ethics and Integrity and is being organized in cooperation with the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Because “care for the dying and their loved ones . . . can evoke complex moral questions that often defy standard methods of ethical analysis” the seminar is a “dialogue with the arts and humanities to gain new insights about the human condition, find meaning in the final phase of life, and achieve a truly dignified death.” Seminar attendees along with Dr. Sullivan and his colleagues, who include eminent bioethicists from the St. André Centre and other prominent institutions, will, also attend the annual conference of the  Pontifical Academy for Life on “Human Meanings and Challenges.” They will have the opportunity to join in the Academy’s private audience with Pope Francis.

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